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Your guide is Stephen, a natural entertainer who loves talking about beer. Stephen has been involved in the Las Vegas craft beer scene for over 10 years and has connections all over the city. Stephen is a certified beer server and the owner-operator of the Vegas Craft Beer Tour. This app can take you on a self-guided discovery of local craft beer. It is not bound to The Strip of Las Vegas, as we also include cellars often overlooked by visitors. With the growth of the craft beer scene unlike any time before, the choices are rich with varieties for all palates. We have curated our core favorite breweries as a place to start for your personal pub crawl.

If you called me as a friend in town and asked where to go, these are the places I would send you. For years, the Las Vegas area had only a handful of independent beer brewers and didn’t offer much to us in the way of craft beer. That all changed recently when state and local regulations on breweries were loosened and allowed for an influx of new brewers excited to show Vegas what they can make. With increased competition came increased quality and an expanded range of offerings, giving Vegas rapidly increasing relevance in the craft beer world. Several beers brewed here are Great American Beer Festival medal winners! We also have a rising artisanal coffee scene, with special attention being put to sourcing ingredients not easily found in the middle of the desert. It has to be a far-reaching table to access the farm from here. Both roasters and cafés have been included for those needing a kick!

Locations with the industry building icon brew on site. A beer mug indicates craft beer in abundance including a cellar.

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